Old player here * wave

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Old player here * wave

Postby hireshii » Sun Dec 22, 2013 10:10 am

Hello everyone!
I am "hireshi", or "12centhoe", as some may perhaps remember me by. I used to play in Bellocan many moons ago, when Mondays was still 115, and paeonius(?) was around level 60 :p
I think I can even remember as far back as seeing Tiger on the ranking at around level 165..

Really miss the old days. I remember I used to be a prick in game, but hopefully that's been forgotten as many people have moved on :)
Just came by here, to see if i could connect with any of the older players (if anyone is still active).

I started up maplestory again some time ago, in MapleEU, where I play in Kradia under IGN: Hoonda

if any of you guys are europeans :)

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